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60-562-04 Advent Commercial 132-Zone Burglary System Control Panel
60-562-04 Advent Commercial 132-Zone Burglary System Control Panel

60-562-04 Advent Commercial 132-Zone Burglary System Control Panel

The Advent Commercial Burglary system delivers advanced hardwire/wireless burglary protection for both new and existing commercial burglary alarm installations. The system is easy to install and simple to use. The system is available in two models:

  • 60-562-01 has 250 zones, 8 partitions, and up to 250 users
  • 60-562-04 has 132 zones, 4 partitions, and up to 100 users

The Advent Commercial Burglary system is suited for large applications or where future expansion may be required.

High Standards

The panel comes standard with 6 general purpose inputs/outputs, one 2 wire smoke loop (12 or 24 volt) and one additional general purpose input zone. Advent auxiliary power output provides 5 amps @ 12 VDC for power to bus devices and other system peripherals. All system events are stored in a 2,048-event history buffer.

Easy Expansion

Optional SnapCards™ add system input and output capabilities. SnapCards (two per panel) connect easily to the panel circuit board inside the cabinet for a clutter-free, professional installation. Optional SuperBus® 2000 modules add even more system input and output capabilities, such as dual phone line capability, 4-relay output, on-site printer, RF transceiver, and more.

Effortless Programming

Conduct quick and easy on-site programming with alphanumeric touchpads and a menudriven text interface. Or use Advent Downloader software.

Standard Features

  • Six general purpose inputs/outputs, one additional general purpose input zone, one 2 wire smoke loop (12 or 24 volt)
  • Supports up to 132 or 250 (depending on model) supervised, hardwire or wireless zones
  • 78 pre-defined zone configuration types
  • 4 or 8 (depending on model) partitions – two account numbers per partition; 32 shared schedules per partition
  • 100 or 250 (depending on model) user-programmable access codes (4-6 digit lengths allowed)
  • One supervised voice status/alarm output; One dry contact relay output
  • 800+ word vocabulary for voice and display
  • 12 VDC, 5 amp auxiliary power output
  • On- and off-site telephone access with digitized-voice feedback
  • Dual SuperBus Ports – support up to 62 bus devices (31 per port)
  • 2,048 event buffer with time and date stamp, can be uploaded
  • Contact ID™reporting format
  • Up to 16 alphanumeric pagers
  • Long Range Radio (LORRA); pre-programmed, on-board header
  • Network buddy system
  • Programming can be downloaded using ITI Advent Downloader
  • Flash memory, downloadable upgrades

Expansion Options

  • SuperBus 2000 RF Transceiver (up to 5) – works with all ITI crystal, wireless Learn Mode™ sensors and touchpads
  • SuperBus 2000 Dual Phone Line Module
  • SuperBus 2000 Printer Module
  • SuperBus 2000 8-Zone Input Module
  • SuperBus 2000 4-Relay Output Module
  • 4 Relay Output SnapCard
  • 8Z Hardwire Input SnapCard
  • 4Z/2 Output SnapCard
  • 24V SnapCard (check for availability)


  • Power Supply
    • Required Transformer:
      – US 24 VAC, Class II Single Tap 100 VA or Class I Single Tap100 VA
      – Canada 24 VAC, Class II Single Tap 120 VA or Class I Single Tap120 VA
    • Backup Battery: 12 VDC, 17.2 - 18.0 Ah rechargeable, sealed, lead-acid (up to 3 batteries, additional enclosure required for third battery)
    • Battery Backup Time Minimum 24 hours (depends on load and number of backup batteries installed)
    • Battery Test Every 4 hours (default) or 24 hours
    • Auxiliary Power 12 VDC, 5-amp built-in current limiting circuitry: SuperBus outputs limited to 650 mA each, long-range radio output limited to 250 mA
  • Telephone/Modem
    • Dialing DTMF or pulse
    • Modem Up to 14,400 bps, Bell 103, Bell 212A, V.32bis, V.32, V.22bis, V.22, V.23, V.21, V.42bis
    • Telephone Interface Line seizure relay, DTMF phone control, line supervision
  • Inputs/Outputs/Connections
    • General Purpose Inputs/Outputs 6 built-in; 1 additional built-in input only; up to 132 or 250 (depending on model) input zones total using optional SnapCards and SuperBus 2000 modules
    • 2-Wire Smoke Loops 1 (12- or 24- VDC); up to 20 devices (24 VDC option requires additional snapcard)
    • Voice Output 25 Watts, 4-8 Ohm speaker, supervised
    • Interior Siren Output Open collector, 150 mA maximum, 13.8 VDC maximum
    • Exterior Siren Output N.O
    • Relay contacts, 4.0A maximum at 24 VDC, 4.0A maximum at 24 VAC, 1.0A maximum at 70 VAC maximum
    • Auxiliary Power Outputs Regulated 12 VDC, 5 A
    • SuperBus Ports 2 – up to 31 modules per port
    • Long Range Radio Preprogrammed, on-board header
  • Environmental
    • Operating Temperature 32º to 120º F (0º to 49º C)
    • Up to 140º F or 60º C under temporary conditions.
    • Storage Temperature -30º to 140º F (-34º to 60º C)
    • Maximum Humidity 90% relative humidity, noncondensing


  • FCC Part 15 and 68
  • UL 365: Grade A, AA Police Connected Burglar Alarm Units and Systems
  • UL 609: Local Burglar Alarm Units and System
  • UL 985: Household Fire Warning System Units
  • UL 1023: Household Burglar Alarm Units and System
  • UL 1610: Central Station Burglar Alarm System Units
  • UL 1635: Digital Alarm Communicator Systems
  • UL 1637: Home Health Care Signaling Equipment
  • CSFM California State Fire Marshall
  • DOD Sensitive Compartment Information Fac (applied for)
  • Complies with NFPA 72 for Fire Alarm Code

Physical Description

  • Color Light gray
  • Material 16 gauge steel
  • Dimensions 21.5 x 14.75 x 5 inches

Price: $692.64
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